Our Story

Having managed bars and restaurants in Soho and the West End for 15 years, Michael stumbled into the world of beer procurement for many of the West End’s venues just as Britain’s craft beer movement was beginning to stretch its legs. That operational and commercial experience lit a desire to create a brewpub in Soho.


The brewpub search began in the back streets of W1, but was interrupted by a David-and-Goliath tussle for trade marks with a couple of multinational companies. Although those challenges ended happily, funds took a beating and the brewpub had to be put on hold for another while.


And so to Plan B…


In 2019 commercial brewing began, piggy-backing in a high-spec brewery alongside a number of other well known craft brewers. ‘Gypsies’ they call us, but then Soho’s always had that boho vibe! 25,000 pints of test brews, some swearing and many trials in West End bars brought SOHO Lager to life in November 2019.


We use 100% Noble aroma hops to create a balanced, flavoursome, quaffable premium lager, sticking to Germany’s ‘Reinheitsgebot’ purity principles of 1516, using only hops, malted barley, water and yeast. Noble aroma hops are prized for their soft bitterness, increased hop oils and complex aromatics. The low alpha acids of these hops allow them to shine in harmony with the malts for a delicious, smooth mouthfeel. We brew slowly in small batch and never pasteurise, keeping all of those lovely flavours.


Most important of all, we hope you enjoy!


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