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We're adding some new shelves and a fresh coat of paint in the coming weeks, along with a little e-commerce functionality to speed SOHO Lager® direct to your door.

We plan to be in our smashing new bib and tucker by February, so follow us for updates (Instagram: sohobrewing) and pop back to let us know what you think of our new clothes!

Keep scrolling to read about the super-lovely taste of SOHO Lager® and how it's made...

A premium, slow-brewed, unpasteurised lager-beer, inspired by our years of working in the pubs and bars of the groovy melting pot that is Soho.

Brewed exclusively with earthy and citrusy Noble aroma hops for a flavoursome, moreish, balanced, 4.5% abv Munich-Pilsner hybrid lager-beer.

Available to London's on-trade, in 30L steel keg & 330ml bottle, and 330ml bottles via Amazon.


Click below for more information on our beer, its super-lovely ingredients and how it's made.

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People of Soho

Bright lights and neon signs, London’s melting pot. Charged with character and charm, inspiring everything we do.

We're on a journey to a thousand anecdotes about the people of Soho whose past and present make it everything it is. If you've got a story to tell, we'd love to know more at’s a taste